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A londoni City forgalmas utcájába a Sheppard Robson építésziroda tervei alapján épülő Citicape House homlokzatán 400.000 növényt ültetnek be. A bontásra ítélt irodaház helyére tervezett épület azt is hivatott demonstrálni, hogy hogyan egyeztethető össze a sűrű belvárosi  beépítés megtartása a klímaváltozás és a légszennyezés elleni küzdelemmel. "Egy ilyen kiemelt helyszínen...

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2019.11.17 04:30

A couple of months ago I created a Lego scene with the Autodesk Lego figures I got at #AU2018 and posted it on my Twitter feed. Every week since than I’ve post a Lego AU picture. Some of these pictures I used Autodesk’s Sketchbook to do some photo editing, adding backgrounds and some text to […]

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2019.11.16 09:03

Published by The BIMsider BIM convert in Cowtown since 2008, Blogger since 2014, Podcast co-host since 2017 on The Simply Complex Podcast with Marcello Sgambelluri, and on BluePrints with Bill Debevc and Carol Hagen. Solutions Consultant with IMAGINiT. Opinions expressed are my own unless I borrowed them View all posts by The BIMsider Read more

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2019.11.16 05:09

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2019.11.16 03:17

First article in the series.Previous article in the series. In the previous article, we used a while loop to examine each Property Set in the collection of Property Sets attached to the object of interest, comparing each Property Set’s Name to the name of the Property Set that holds the Property whose value is to […]

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2019.11.15 10:15

Examples of the photorealism achievable with ray tracing in Unreal Engine. (Image courtesy of Epic Games.) You’re reading these words thanks to the rays of light linking your eyes and your screen. Anything you see—your car, your dog, your own face in the mirror—is the result of ping-ponging light rays, a three-dimensional game of […]

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Tampa, Fla. – TranSystems Corp., a national transportation consulting firm that provides engineering, architectural, planning and construction solutions, welcomes new bridge staff to its Tampa, Florida office adding to its national bridge expertise. TranSystems is ranked #10 on the Engineering News-Record top bridge design firms.

John S. Hartland, PE

John Hartland has more than 28 years of engineering experience. He specializes in the structural analysis and design of bridge structures, with a primary field of expertise in the design and construction of post-tensioned concrete bridges. John has performed the design and has been involved in the construction of bridge projects throughout the United States and internationally, including both light rail and high speed rail structures and bridges in high seismic regions. His design management experience includes being the Engineer of Record on $37M, $63M and $147M design-build projects, as well as serving as the Structural Discipline Lead on a $2.5B PPP project.

Kenneth R. Kerr, PE

Kenneth Kerr has more than 21 years of experience in the research and consulting engineering fields, spanning multiple disciplines. His structural engineering experience includes the analysis, design and rating of concrete and steel superstructures, concrete and steel substructures, as well as permanent and temporary walls. His primary areas of knowledge include curved steel box girders and plate girders, post-tensioned spliced girders, as well as prestressed concrete girders and post-tensioned substructures. Ken has been the Engineer of Record on multiple steel and concrete bridges and walls throughout the United States for both design-bid-build and large-scale design-build projects.

Jonathan E. Sanek, PE

Jonathan Sanek has more than 15 years of experience as an engineering researcher and consultant that spans multiple disciplines. His structural engineering experience includes the analysis, design and rating of concrete and steel superstructures, concrete and steel substructures, as well as permanent and temporary walls. His primary areas of knowledge include curved steel box girders and plate girders, as well as prestressed concrete girders and integral steel substructures. Jon has experience in both highway and high speed rail structures and has been the Engineer of Record on multiple steel and concrete bridges for large-scale design-build projects.

Ryan T. Mapp, PE

Ryan Mapp has more than 10 years of experience that spans both building and bridge structures, including the research, analysis, design, inspection, and load rating of transportation structures for both highway and high speed rail applications. His structural engineering experience includes the analysis, design and rating of concrete and steel superstructures, concrete substructures, as well as permanent and temporary walls. Ryan has experience in steel plate girders, prestressed concrete girders and post-tensioned concrete box girders. He is proficient in complex finite element modeling including 3-D techniques for curved structures and time-dependent staged modeling. Ryan has been involved in large-scale design-build projects and has been the Engineer of Record for multiple wall and miscellaneous structures projects.

About TranSystems

For more than 50 years, TranSystems has provided engineering and architectural planning, design and construction solutions to enhance the movement of goods and people across today’s integrated transportation infrastructure. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., its professionals in more than 30 offices throughout the U.S. perform a broad range of services for all sectors of the transportation and federal marketplaces. Services are delivered throughout the asset life cycle, from concept to construction to long-term operations, maintenance and rehabilitation. Learn more at www.transystems.com.

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Ez alapján valamely jeles építészeti városépítészeti, tájépítészeti, belsőépítészeti alkotás létrehozásában kifejtett építészeti-tervezői tevékenységért, az építészeti közéletben és oktatásban, az építészeti tervezés és tervpályázatok területén elért kiváló eredményekért, továbbá (a kiemelkedő építészeti alkotás megvalósításában közreműködő) építtetők, kivitelezők körében kerül kiosztásra.  Az elmúlt évek hagyományait folytatva 2019. évben ismét meghirdetésre került a...

| STRUCTURE magazine
2019.11.15 04:01

The Special Awards honor individuals who have provided outstanding service and commitment to the association and to the structural engineering field. These prestigious awards will be presented at the NCSEA Awards Celebration taking place at the Structural Engineering Summit in Anaheim, CA, on November 14, 2019. Visit www.ncsea.com to learn more about the Special Awards and about this year’s recipients.

Congratulations to the 2019 Special Awards Honorees!

NCSEA Service Award

This award is presented to an individual who has worked for the betterment of NCSEA to a degree that is beyond the norm of volunteerism. It is given to someone who has made a clear and indisputable contribution to the organization and the profession.

Ben Nelson, P.E., is Structural Division Manager and Chairman of the Board for Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers, based in Lakewood, Colorado. He has practiced structural engineering for over 35 years, all with the same firm. He served on the Board of the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC) for 5 years and was President in 1999. He was SEAC’s delegate to NCSEA from 2002-2010 and was elected to the NCSEA Board of Directors in 2007, serving 7 years, including NCSEA President in 2012-2013.

While NCSEA President, Mr. Nelson founded the initial Young Member Group (YMG) which evolved into the YMG Support Committee as well as the YMG scholarship program to encourage greater participation at the NCSEA Annual Conference, later the NCSEA Summit. He is most proud of the growth of YMGs throughout nearly all of NCSEA’s Member Organizations and their substantive impact to the future of NCSEA and the structural engineering profession.

Mr. Nelson also established NCSEA’s Susan Frey Educator Award in 2014 and has served on NCSEA’s Awards Committee since 2013. He has presented numerous talks and sessions to structural engineers throughout the country. In his 17 years with NCSEA, he also actively served on many NCSEA committees including Advocacy, Winter Institute, Structural Engineering Summit, Continuing Education, and Member Organization Liaison/Communications.

Robert Cornforth Award

This award is presented to an individual for exceptional dedication and exemplary service to an NCSEA Member Organization as well as to the structural engineering profession.

Thomas A. DiBlasi, P.E., SECB, has been a practicing engineer for over 34 years and is a licensed Professional Engineer in 14 states. Over the past 34 years, he has moved the profession forward by being an active member of many boards, associations, and committees, and also by encouraging staff and future generations of structural engineers to participate in professional learning opportunities and to get involved.

Mr. DiBlasi is the Principal/President of DiBlasi Associates. The success of DiBlasi Associates is due to DiBlasi’s own dedication to the field as well as his mentoring and support of his small, yet impressive staff of only four.

He has been involved with the Structural Engineers Coalition of ACEC/CT since its inception in the 1980’s. He carried over that support to NCSEA, where he represented Connecticut as their delegate, he served as President of the Board of Directors in 2011-2012, and where he currently sits as Chair of the Code Advisory Committee.

Mr. DiBlasi has made important contributions to the field at both the state and national level which is highlighted though his tireless work on committees that focus on a variety of aspects of the field from professionalism to code writing, to supporting future engineers.

Susan M. Frey NCSEA Educator Award

This award, established to honor the memory of Sue Frey, one of NCSEA’s finest educators, is presented to an individual who has a genuine interest in, and extraordinary talent for, effective instruction for practicing structural engineers.

Dr. S. K. Ghosh heads the consulting practice, S. K. Ghosh Associates LLC, Palatine, Illinois, now a subsidiary of the International Code Council. Dr. Ghosh is active on many national technical committees, is an Honorary Member of ACI, and is a Fellow of ASCE, SEI, and PCI. He is a member of ACI Committee 318, Standard Building Code, and the ASCE 7 Standard Committee (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures). He is a former member of the Board of Directors of ACI, EERI (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute), and BSSC (Building Seismic Safety Council). He is a member of the Board of Governors of ASCE’s Structural Engineering Institute.
Dr. Ghosh has influenced seismic design provisions in the United States for many years. In addition to authoring many publications in the area of structural design, Dr. Ghosh has investigated and reported on structural performance in most recent earthquakes.

James Delahay Award

This award is presented at the recommendation of the NCSEA Code Advisory Committee to recognize outstanding individual contributions towards the development of building codes and standards. It is given in the spirit of its namesake, a person who made a long and lasting contribution to the code development process.

Kelly E. Cobeen, S.E., joined WJE in 2008 with twenty-three years of experience in structural design, working in a wide range of project types, sizes, and construction materials. She has a special interest in seismic resistance of light-frame construction, applicable to new construction and seismic upgrade of existing buildings.

Ms. Cobeen has been involved in numerous code development, research, and educational activities. Her code development activities include involvement in the NEHRP Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations for New Buildings, as well as the International Building Code and International Residential Code development. Her educational activities include coauthoring the Design of Wood Structures textbook, teaching wood design at University of California, Berkeley, and teaching seminars for professional organizations.

In addition to light-frame construction, Ms. Cobeen has extensive experience in design, evaluation, and seismic upgrade of a wide range of building types, including concrete shear wall and frame buildings, steel braced and moment frame buildings, masonry buildings, and masonry infill buildings.

| STRUCTURE magazine
2019.11.15 03:54

Joseph G. Burns, P.E., S.E., CEng, F.IStructE, F.ASCE, F.IABSE, FAIA, Managing Principal, Thornton Tomasetti, joined the SEI Futures Fund Board on October 1 for a five-year term. With more than 35 years of experience, Joe is a passionate advocate for the deeper integration of architecture and engineering, which he promotes through innovation, collaboration, and leadership. A member of Thornton Tomasetti’s board of directors, his practice is based in Chicago while overseeing the firm’s operations in the Middle East and Brazil.

Joe comments, “I am very excited to join the SEI Futures Fund Board, and engaging in its challenge of supporting the growth and advancement of future generations in the structural engineering profession. Early in my career, I became engaged with the ASCE Committee on Aesthetics in Design. This gave me an opportunity to collaborate with structural engineers beyond my experiences at work, and led to a series of leadership positions within the ASCE Structural Division as chairman of the Committee on Aesthetics in Design, Chair of the SEI Technical Activities Committee on Special Design Issues, and member of other committees like the Tall Building Committee. This certainly had a big impact on my professional development and evolution. I am delighted to be in a position to assist our next generation the way I was supported and mentored as a young engineer.”

| STRUCTURE magazine
2019.11.15 03:52

The CASE scholarship, administered by the ACEC College of Fellows, is awarded every year to a deserving student seeking a Master’s degree in an ABET-accredited engineering program. Since 2010, the CASE Scholarship program has given over $29,000 to engineering students to help pave their way to a bright future in structural engineering. CASE strives to attract the best and brightest to the structural engineering profession, and educational support is the best way we can ensure the future of our profession.

The 2019 winner, Tyler Wilfong, will graduate in May 2020 with a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from California State University, Fresno.

| STRUCTURE magazine
2019.11.15 03:51

CASE is revamping their meetings. The design of the meetings will be used to encourage all members to attend different breakout sessions along with a project discussion and a roundtable on unique business practices challenges faced by structural engineering firms. The 2020 CASE Winter Member Meeting is scheduled for February 27-20, 2020, in New Orleans, LA. More information and registration information will be published in December. Questions? Contact Heather Talbert (htalbert@acec.org).

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2019.11.15 02:44

A few days ago our friends at BIM Facility AG sent through a new version of the Revit model for the iconic NEST building. This version is much more complete: it has the award-winning Urban Mining and Recycling Unit modelled, as well as having a significant amount of additional detail (furniture, etc.) elsewhere in the […]

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A Tisza partján fekvő kárpátaljai Técső református temploma a párját ritkítóan szép, festett kazettás mennyezetéről ismert, amely a 18. századi bővítéskor került az épületbe. A középkori eredetű templom felújítása azért vált szükségessé, mert a templombelsőben erőteljes gombásodást indult el a padozattól – mondta el az MTI-nek Diószegi László, az alapítvány...

2019.11.15 11:51
Az Építési Vállalkozók Országos Szakszövetsége (ÉVOSZ) szervezésében Építőipari Hazahívó Börze megrendezésére kerül sor Amszterdamban.

2019.11.15 11:48

2019.11.15 11:34

2019.11.15 11:30

2019.11.15 11:23
Az Akusztikai Tagozat MMK Elnöksége által elfogadott ügyrendje.

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Az energiahatékony épület tervezése és kivitelezése Rovaniemi város körkörös gazdasági stratégiáján, a fenntartható fejlődés alapelvein és az alternatív energiaforrások alkalmazásán alapult. Az építkezés 2018 nyarán kezdődött, a házat 2019 júliusában adták át. Az épületben 103 lakás található, amelyek 25-32 négyzetméteresek. Számos felület gipszkarton tűzvédelmi borítást kapott. Az épületet sprinkler rendszerrel...

2019.11.15 10:00

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A McGonigle McGrath iroda építészei figyelemre méltó visszafogottsággal dolgoztak a House Lessans tervezésén, így munkájuk eredményeként egy szolidan nyugodt, ugyanakkor méltóságteljes nagyvonalúságot sugárzó családi ház jött létre. Az eredmény annál is inkább figyelemre méltó, mivel a 335 000 £-os (kb. 130 millió forintos) költségvetés Nagy-Britanniában egy 235 m2-es új épület...

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2019.11.14 11:19

Knowing my affinity for Oreo cookies, my son sent me a gift yesterday, for no reason, other than to show me the benefits of having a son who earns a paycheck. Being the grateful father that I am, I showed… Read more

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2019.11.14 07:02

If you are getting excited like I am and want to reflect on last year to get ready or maybe you have never attended Autodesk university and wanted to get an overview of what the action packed week is like – this is for you – enjoy. Read more

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"Fél éve kaptam egy emailt, hogy a Kölnben székelő, a Nemzetközi Olimpiai Bizottsággal, és a Nemzetközi Paralimpiai Bizottsággal is együttműködő Sport- és Szabadidő Szolgáltatások Nemzetközi Szövetsége kétévente kiír egy építészeti pályázatot a sport- és szabadidő témájú épületek versenyében" – emlékezett vissza Pottyondy Péter, a DVTK Stadion tervezője. "Jelezték, hogy látták...

| AEC Magazine
2019.11.14 09:26

Image New collaborative immersive projection space boasts a smaller footprint and allows for faster set-up and de-rig

Read More ...

| AEC Magazine
2019.11.14 09:07

Image Plex.Earth Timeviews service gives AEC firms ‘unlimited instant access’ to premium satellite data

Read More ...

| AEC Magazine
2019.11.14 09:02

Image New integration allows AEC teams to collaborate on BIM content in VR/AR from anywhere

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| Beton.hu
2019.11.14 06:00

Tadao Ando ismert japán építész tervezte meg a Japán Mesemondó Egyesület számára a Kamigata Rakugo névre keresztelt beton csarnokot Oszakában. A tiszta geometriai betonszerkezet egyszerű, háromszög alakú nyílásokkal rendelkezik az ortogonális héjban, kialakítva így a bejáratot, és egy olyan tetőablakot, mely természetes megvilágítást biztosít. Az épületben próbatermek kaptak helyet és egy olyan rendezvényterem, melyet az ősi tradicionális történetmesélés bemutatásának szenteltek, illetve itt rendezik meg a szintén hagyománynak számító szilva fesztivált is. Az utcai fő homlokzatban a karcsú résablak a régi szentírás kamigatasymbolját ábrázolja. A kubus főhomlokzati sarkán is egy ablak kapott helyet, amely az épület más nézetén is visszaköszön, jellegzetes megjelenést kölcsönözve a csarnoknak. A betonfelület látványát a nagytáblás zsaluzat lenyomata határozza meg.

Forrás: designboom.com

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2019.11.13 11:50

The Revizto Export Scheduler does a great job at automating export tasks from Revit and Navisworks direct into Revizto. But what if you want to decommission a machine that is doing repetitive export tasks? And move those export tasks to another machine? Overview You just need to copy the .db files from the Source Machine […]

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WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has released a comprehensive Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) for the construction industry. The guide will assist contractors meet their legal requirements and responsibilities for equal employment opportunity by preventing violations before they occur.

OFCCP published the TAG for the construction industry to reflect current regulations and provide practical, useful compliance assistance resources for contractors in the construction industry. This guide provides a valuable self-assessment tool for contractors to review the practices they have in place to eliminate discrimination and achieve their equal employment opportunity goals. At a minimum, this guide will help federal construction contractors meet all of their obligations required under the law. It also highlights best practices and provides useful references.

“The Construction Technical Assistance Guide provides comprehensive and clear guidance that will help ensure equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination in the construction sector,” said Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Director Craig E. Leen.

OFCCP is a civil rights agency in the U.S. Department of Labor. It enforces Executive Order 11246Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974. Collectively, these laws prohibit federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran. Additionally, contractors must act affirmatively to ensure equal employment opportunity in their employment processes, and they must not discriminate against applicants or employees because they inquire about, discuss, or disclose their compensation or that of others, subject to certain limitations. For more information, please call OFCCP’s toll-free helpline at 800-397-6251 or visit http://www.dol.gov/ofccp/.

The mission of the Department of Labor is to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.

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2019.11.13 06:45

Are you not able to attend Autodesk University this year but still very interested in the general session and keynotes? Here is the link to the Live Stream schedule. https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/conference/live-stream The General Session starts at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 19. At AU Las Vegas, the General Session is consistently among the most mind-expanding and eye-opening […]

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2019.11.13 06:43

The most helpful Revit tools are often underused by beginners. This article describe the tools that most beginners don’t know about, but they should. Obviously people of all skills can use these tools, but they are especially helpful if you are getting started. Just a quick word before we get started: check out our popular […]

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| AEC Magazine
2019.11.13 05:50

Image New release of the real-time rendering tool gets more realistic trees and plants and the ability to paint them into a scene

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2019.11.13 12:27

2019.11.13 12:16
A Magyar Közlöny 2019. november 8-i számában megjelent a magyar mikro-, kis- és középvállalkozások megerősítésének stratégiája 2019–2030 elfogadásáról 1627/2019. (XI. 8.) Korm. határozat. A határozat meghatározza az érintett miniszterek stratégiával kapcsolatos feladatait és a hozzá kapcsolódó határidőket.

2019.11.13 11:03
A Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem szenátusa október 16-i ülésén címzetes egyetemi docensi címet adományozott dr. Baross Károlynak.


A Modern Városok Program keretében lerombolják a város legszebb modern épületét. Hiába tiltakozott számos neves építész.

Construction on Southeast Asia’s tallest building, the Exchange 106 skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is in its final stages and the first tenants are expected to move in as early as December 2019. Exchange 106 stands at a staggering 1,438 feet and boasts 106 floors, marking it the world’s 15th-tallest building. Miyamoto International is proud to have teamed with Mulia Property and provided staff experience by coordinating and managing the 4.9-million-square-foot project with an overseas design team.

Watch the video to see a timelapse of the construction process.


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CLT Project is America’s First Large-Scale, Mass Timber Living Learning Setting

Boston, MA – November 12, 2019 – A design collaborative led by Leers Weinzapfel Associates (Boston), Modus Studio (Fayetteville, AR), Mackey Mitchell Architects (St. Louis), and OLIN (Philadelphia), announces the completion of Adohi Hall, a $79M, 202,027-square-foot, 708-bed facility at the University of Arkansas. Now in use, the pioneering project is the nation’s first large-scale mass timber residence hall and living learning setting. A bold demonstration of sustainability, the five-story hall also signifies potential economic development for the burgeoning timber industry in Arkansas.

Occupying a linear, sloping, 4-acre site at the base of Fayetteville’s McIlroy Hill on the southern end of campus, the project provides a new university gateway that marks the start of a larger living learning district. Bound on the north by 1960s residence halls, on the east by Stadium Drive, and on the west and south by a large arena and related athletic facilities, the hall is nestled within a generous protective buffer of trees and plantings.

An emphasis on nature resonates throughout the project. Connected by a ground-level passage, a serpentine band of student rooms define three distinctive courtyard spaces that create a dynamic environment for student collaboration and interactive learning in architecture, design, and the arts. The “front porch” in the northernmost building is the key entry point for the complex; the “cabin” at the ground-level, central passage’s midpoint is the main gathering space, comprising a community kitchen, lounges, a quiet hearth, and a rooftop terrace; and the “workshops” of the lower courtyard house a dynamic live/learn program of performance spaces, music and recording studios, and maker spaces that enhance the campuswide arts program.

Four-story residential floors are arranged above the communal spaces. The main stair and elevator for each open onto a series of double-height lounges and kitchen spaces, joining upper and lower floors and inviting community interaction. Each floor contains semi-suites for two students with private baths, and pods of six to eight double rooms with a shared bath and common room. Large study rooms with generous windows at the end of each wing create a series of “lanterns” along Stadium Drive.

The warmth of the project’s exposed structural wood ceilings is apparent in student rooms, study rooms, floor lounges, and ground floor common spaces, and wood columns bring the beauty of the material within reach for all. The “cabin” also includes a wood ceiling and trusses that span the full width of its lounge spaces. Exteriors feature a light metal jacket of zinc-toned panels with accents of textured copper-tone and white that creates a floating band of living space above the natural landscape below.

Integrated into the topography of its site, the new housing complex features a cascading series of outdoor spaces that provide students and visitors with a variety of opportunities to engage and gather. Sinuous pathways are intricately woven through existing stands of mature oak trees, providing much needed shade for the new residents to enjoy warmer months outdoors. Undulating landforms, local sandstone seating areas, and drifts of native planting recall the geological and ecological vernacular of the Ozark Plateau while simultaneously creating comfortable places for people. Stormwater infiltration is carefully integrated into the grading strategy, which captures runoff from both paved areas and buildings.    

The name Adohi (“a-doe-hee”) is a Cherokee word meaning “woods.” It honors tribe members who passed near the hall’s site while following the Trail of Tears (1837-1839). It also recognizes the enduring importance of wood and sustainable forestry to the region.

“In all our work, we look for the synergy between place, purpose, and means. These came together in an extraordinary way at Adohi Hall,” says Andrea P. Leers, FAIA, Principal, Leers Weinzapfel Associates. “We drew inspiration from the regional context of the Ozarks, creating a living/learning environment powerful enough to be a destination remote from the center of campus, and the wood-based construction system we developed forges a bond between setting, human comfort, and sustainability.”

“The completion of Adohi Hall signals the University of Arkansas’ commitment to an innovative, sustainably designed campus for its next generation of students and facilities,” says Peter MacKeith, Dean and Professor of Architecture, Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design. “The recognition of the creative abilities of Adohi’s students is matched by the employment of innovative mass timber design and construction techniques and the sensitive treatment of the immediate landscape. Adohi advances each individual student’s identity and opportunities as it also addresses U of A sustainability goals and design ambitions.”

Nabholz Construction Corporation of Rogers, Arkansas, served as Construction Manager for the project, providing installation of the mass timber package.

About Leers Weinzapfel Associates

Recipient of the 2007 American Institute of Architects Firm Award, Leers Weinzapfel designed the nation’s first Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) academic structure, the John W. Olver Design Building at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Best Architecture of 2017.” The firm’s work lies at the intersection of architecture, urban design, and infrastructure. Recognized for its inventiveness in dramatically complex commissions, its meets these challenges with uncommon design clarity, elegance, and refinement. Widely recognized with nearly 100 national and regional awards, Leers Weinzapfel’s work has been published worldwide and exhibited nationwide. Follow the firm on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

Contact: Debra Pickrel, Principal, Pickrel Communications, Inc. – O 212.753.3140 / debra@pickrelcommunications.com

About Modus Studio

Operating on the idea that relevant and inspiring architecture can be sourced from simple, everyday experiences, modus studio departs from the general rule of form to create thoughtful architecture that begins to shape the present landscape and plan for a sustainable future. Modus is rooted in Northwest Arkansas and champions architecture as a means of navigating the threshold between the natural and manmade world. Based in a thinking/making philosophy, modus studio bridges the worlds of design and fabrication with modus shop, providing the ability to build the things they believe in, to the level of craft they seek. The firm recently won a Small Projects Award from the American Institute of Architects and were given the 2018 Architectural League of New York’s Emerging Voices Award.

Contact: Chris Lankford, Director of Marketing + Engagement – O 479.455.5577 / lankford@modusstudio.com

About Mackey Mitchell Architects

Founder Gene Mackey’s guidance developed Mackey Mitchell Architects into a group of thought leaders driven by a philosophy of life-long learning and dedication to the power of human potential. We are proven experts in planning, design, construction, and renovation for higher education—including residential, social, dining, and academic facilities—as well as K-12 and special needs education, workplace, and civic + cultural facilities. Mackey Mitchell’s commitment is to design places that are engaging, sustainable, and appropriate to their surroundings. We fully embrace sustainability, with more than 40 LEED-certified projectsincluding two LEED Platinum residence halls. With a broad range of firm awards and award-winning projects, we provide the right balance of expertise and innovation needed for the success of any project, and our broad range of experience gives us uncommon insight into how people of all ages and abilities choose to engage with their community spaces. Mackey Mitchell Architects specializes in transformation—creating places that foster learning, socialization and collaboration, where everyone feels they are a part of something greater than themselves.

Contact: Trey Bartsch, Marketing Coordinator – O 314.932.1927 / trey_b@mackeymitchell.com

About OLIN

OLIN is a professional studio of more than 90 landscape architects, planners, and urban designers. From offices in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, the firm creates distinguished landscapes and urban designs worldwide. OLIN’s work is predicated upon social engagement, craft, environmental responsibility, and timelessness, underscored by a profound appreciation for the unique complexities of the urban realm. The firm’s award-winning projects cross boundaries of scale, typology, and site condition, yet are all driven by a central mission: to create places that enhance life. OLIN’s celebrated projects include Bryant Park in New York City, the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles, Mill River Park in Stamford, Connecticut, Dilworth Park in Philadelphia, and Washington Canal Park in Washington, D.C. We work on projects ranging in size from large-scale master planning commissions to mid-sized institutions to small urban interventions, creating environmentally advanced, technical projects, promoting greater social engagement and ecology for every project.

Contact: Kristen Battaglia, Senior Marketing Manager – O 215.440.0030 x 403 / kbattaglia@theolinstudio.com

About Nabholz Construction

Nabholz Construction Corporation of Rogers, Arkansas served as Construction Manager for the project, self-performing the installation of the mass timber package. Founded in 1949, Nabholz is now a multi-service contractor providing construction, industrial, civil, specialty, environmental, and railroad services from its network of 13 locations across Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Connecticut. With more than 70 years of experience and a steady place in the top 150 on ENR’s “Top 400 Contractors” list, Nabholz continues to bring integrity, quality, and value to projects across the region.

Contact: Angi McDaniel, Director of Marketing Communication – angi.mcdaniel@nabholz.com

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